Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Chicago Here I Come!

Well, I clearly don't have much that can top that last blog posting (if you want to know the truth, it has to be my favorite posting to date). Not much excititing has been happening in my life lately either. I've spent a lot of time running and diving into new music. So I'll just randomly throw out a few things I've learned today.

1. The Chicago marathon is just around the corner, so I learned that my training has to seriously kick into high gear. As a result, I really should be in bed right now, rather than blogging... but I just can't get enough of you blog fans. I'm running the marathon with a BUNCH of friends this year. In fact, every week I hear of more and more people that not only are running it, but claim that they are running it "with me". I hope they don't mind running at a snail's pace, because I'm fat and way out of shape. That means I have roughly six weeks to get into shape. Argh.

2. I discovered that if you let your laundry go long enough, you will get to a point where you can't even see your own bedroom floor. I think it's carpeted, but I can't be sure.

3. I learned that there's yet another crazy "language play" out there, called "Ong" language. I love learning about other languages and cultures. Well, I googled Ong language, and it seems that it actually is a Cantonese version of Pig Latin. You spell out words, saying "ong" after every consonant, and fully pronouncing the vowels. It sounds absolutely hilarious when spoken. Tong O tong A long long yong cong rong A zong yong. If any of you know of other fun languages or "language play" out there, let me know. I eat it up.

4. I've learned that no matter how good of friends you are, you shouldn't "surprise" anyone by ringing their doorbell at 6:30 in the morning. They get mad. Repeat the process enough, and eventually, they get even. So... even if you're wide awake and going for a refreshing morning run, chances are good that the rest of the world isn't.

5. Speaking of super early in the morning, I've found that really funny things are said before work. This past week specifically:

Woman overheard on cellphone at 7:30 am. "What? We were subpoenaed to appear in court? Seriously? I don't remember ANYTHING about the accident! Oh man, what are we going to wear?"

I had just gotten done running, and some friends stopped over to have breakfast on the patio. I quickly showered and ran out to join them.
Me: "Hey, did you ever call Patrick?"
A: "Uh..." (completely blank stare ensuing)
Me: "Oh... (looking down at myself) I should probably be wearing pants, huh?"
A: "Uh... yeah."

I'm sure more funny things were said, but I'm tired, and I have to do SOME laundry tonight. Oh look, my bedroom really IS carpeted! How about that?


Blogger Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Chicago would be cool, but I'm in no shape to run a full marathon yet. I do however plan to start training for one come mid September. I'm going to follow Hal Higdon's program. I've plotted it all out on my spreadsheet, but silly me haven't blogged it yet. I'm sure you will do just fine. You can't do worse than my 8 hour

10:57 PM  
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Blogger Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Isn't that like the 25 million people that claim they were at Woodstock? "Hey man, I was at Woodstock and in Chicago with Mateo." :D

Watch the pants thing though because that can get you into trouble. :D

Oh, and death to the spammers that hit your blog.

8:41 PM  
Blogger anne said...

MATEO!! expect a card soon- peed a little from the one you sent and am now looking for the PERFECT one for you. as for the pants thing- really? i dont know that that could become a "problem" per se. . . more of a "compulsion", or maybe "thing-you-think-is-funny-and-your-friends-dont"? either way, maybe you should run in chicago sans pants, yes?

1:26 AM  
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