Sunday, March 20, 2005

Change of Plans

Sorry gang, I didn't perform the experiment this weekend. Two reasons why:

1. I myself still can't tell a difference from one side of my face to the other. So, I'm adding another week of bilateral shaving in hopes to accentuate the difference.

2. I attended dinner parties on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Therefore I was always around people I know, negating the whole "asking 25 strangers to feel my face" thing. Why was I at dinner parties all weekend? Because I'm a rockstar in high demand. Duh.

Yes, I know you're disappointed. But look at it this way, by elongating the timeframe of the research, you have that much longer to anticipate the results. It will make the findings that much sweeter. If you can't wait that long, clearly you have Attention Deficit Disorder, so just chomp down a few more ritalin and chill out.

After all, this blogspot is about OCD, not ADD. Get your own blog, spaz.


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