Wednesday, February 16, 2005


2.16.05 - I'm not exactly sure what to put out here. I'm not really an official blogger, I'm not really much of anything. Just a goofball with high blood pressure who likes to run and eat ice cream. Oh, and as you can tell from the title, I have a touch of OCD. Just a touch, as my friends will happily tell you. I think the fact that I realize I have a problem and I don't let it own me is a pretty good first step. I freak out if there is any snow on my driveway during the winter, but my bathroom is dirtier than an interstate truckstop. And yes, I separate my M&M's into colors and then eat them in prime numbered groupings. Get over it. Love me, love my nuroses. If you come over to visit, don't leave my milk carton sitting out on the counter. I will freak out and probably have to pour it down the drain, but not after beating you with a wooden spoon. And don't be a clown. Not like a "goofy person who clowns around" clown... I mean, don't be a real clown. I have a paralyzing fear of clowns.

My friends created this blog site for me, hoping that they could read the inner workings of my mind. Well, unfortunately, the internet is only as true as you believe, so believe what you will about this. Consider this blog like a Lifetime made for TV movie starring Judith Light. It's only based in reality. Actually, that's a lot like my life - only based in reality. Most of this blog will be true with the occassional embellishment (or more than occasional depending on my mood).

Well, I gotta' go.


Anonymous Katherine said...

When you beat us with the spoon - can you promise its not the same one you use to apply the Nair on your back?

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Destiny said...

Its perfectly normal to divide your m&ms in to color groups. I do the same with my skittles. And, if I'm eating them at work, I save the purple and green for last. Purple and Green are Kaplan's corporate colors and I feel eating those colored Skittles last gives me the edge I need.

You are fine just the way you are. Now Angie on the other hand....

10:00 AM  

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