Friday, March 25, 2005

The big day

Well kiddies... today is the big day. Yuppers. I'm going to do the shaving test. All of my hard work (and all of your anticipation) has come to this pinnacle moment. That having been said, this is going to be a super short blog (a mini-blog, if you will), as I still have to shower, shave, prepare my experiment, have breakfast, and still get to work by 9am. Translation: I just woke up - and quite frankly - am having issues even spelling this early. I'm not a morning person. Oh man, am I not a morning person.

So with great delight, I offer you a VERY SPECIAL "Three Things I've Learned Today - Loki Edition". (Yes, even my dog has insight to share with you!) Loki, take it away:

1. Loki learned that with enough cute stares and affectionate tail wagging, he can indeed score a small piece of whatever I am eating. He also learned that he loves heath crunch pie as much as I do. That's my boy.

2. Loki has learned that no matter how much he digs in the back yard, he can't quite dig his way to the earth's core. He's a trooper, though - he keeps digging, much to my frustration.

3. Loki learned how a snooze alarm works this morning. Subsequently, I learned how the "wet dog nose in the armpit" alarm works. Amazingly, it's the most effective way to date that wakes me up.


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